Here are the older versions of my portfolio site (you know, when people still did Flash portfolio sites). All my old links, downloads, animations, games and experiments are all still there. Good times, good times.

Version 3 — I got such great feedback on this (I was even asked to write a book chapter on it). I created this when the drawing API was first introduced in ActionScript and wanted to created a sketch-like, dynamic interface.

Version 2 — I did this over a weekend, and unfortunately it shows. But I did get to play with doing some 3D coding for the first time, and that knowledge has done wonders since.

Version 1 — I was so proud of this when I first put it together. I had never coded before, and ActionScript, which didn’t even have a version number, had only a handful of commands to play with. Being able to build a faux-3D walkthrough and space flight simulation with all the animation just made me smile. Plus there are some fun hidden bits I threw in just for my amusement.

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