Been Busy in the City of Angels

I swore I’d do better at this whole blog thing, and yet here it is after several months non-posting. In fact I just approved a comment that was posted a while ago that I hadn’t got around to (sorry! I will answer!). I must commit to trying to submit a post a week here for a little while just to get into a good habit. I have a nice list of ideas for posts I’ve wanted to do for a while, some concerning Brightcove, some concerning the aether and aeon libraries and my book.

So why have I been lax? Other than the new baby and the fulltime job (no excuse, I know), I went from Blithe Spirit, as mentioned in my last post, to working on City of Angels at Longwood Players in Cambridge. It’s a show I saw back when I was in high school that I’ve always wanted to do, and here it was. So I did it, hour+ commute and all, and damn it was worth it, even if I couldn’t hit all the notes like I could back in high school :).

I did at least do a little work on the computer that I can post here without turning this into a theater blog. We had a publicity photo shoot at one point and soon after I had a night where I just couldn’t get to sleep, so just for kicks I hopped on the computer and turned one of the photos into a strip of film from an old film noir (if you know the show, it makes sense), dropping the characters into a rendered 3D detective’s office, making it b&w and grainy, etc. So the producers liked it and asked to use it in some marketing material and I offered to do anything else that might come up.

What came up was the task of putting one of our actors, Kevin Cirone into some publicity shots with famous Hollywood figures from the 30’s and 40’s. I was directed to some photos online and found some others, and this is what I came up with. Note that these photos were just intended as stage decoration on an office set, so they were more for our enjoyment than for the audience that generally probably couldn’t make them out. I spent maybe a half hour on each, not worrying too much about how integrated the images were beyond what would fool an audience a good distance away (not those looking closely online).

The first here is a shot of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Kevin’s photo of course is in the middle, with the final composite at the bottom. He just looks so damned pleased, and I love it.

Here was a shot of Cecil B. Demille. It was so dynamic that I had to do it, even if Kevin doesn’t actually appear with anyone famous in the end. Had to add some extra lighting to his face though to try and get the light and shadow angles to match.

Finally, and probably my favorite, is a shot of Louis B. Mayer with Garland and Rooney. The subtext here is that Kevin’s character Buddy (a studio mogul) just told the dirtiest joke to these couple of teenagers. You can just see it. The integration on this one was interesting since I didn’t really have the right angle of a headshot. In the end I had to lower Mayer’s whole body to make it look fairly plausible.

Image manipulation fits under the umbrella of this blog, yes? So we’re still good, even after a several month hiatus. More non-theater stuff is coming, though!

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  1. very lovely ps photos:D

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