Blithe Spirit

Here’s just a quick post that’s nothing to do with ActionScript, nothing to do with Brightcove, but to let anyone in the Boston/Worcester/Providence area that I will be performing next month, along with my wife, in Blithe Spirit in Worcester at WCLOC. I was an actor in a past life and have been getting active on the stage again over the past two years, and this is my latest endeavor.

Blithe Spirit is a Noël Coward comedy from the 40’s about an author and his wife who, through an unfortunate séance, summon the ghost of his first wife who then schemes to kill the author in an attempt to reunite with him on the Other Side. It’s fast-paced, witty, and I get to say things like “Surely even an ectoplasmic manifestation has the right to expect a little of the milk of human kindness” with a straight face and heightened British dialect. Fun.

I also created the poster and ads for the production, which was a challenging feat to say the least to get so much info into each of the form factors and still provide a strong central image, but I’m quite proud of the result:

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