Unison for BEML editing

A while back I worked on a prototype for an AIR WYSIWYG BEML editor (how’s that for acronym’s at work?). For those who develop for, or are, Brightcove clients, you will know that BEML stands for Brightcove Experience Markup Language, a simple tag based markup language based on XUL and containing a lot of elements familiar to MXML users.

Well, the prototype was a bit of a hit and miss. It was a hit because I liked to use it to develop and test with and I found it very useful (hit!), but a miss in that, like many WYSIWYG editors it surfaced what was extremely difficult to do easily or right in such an application, and nothing came of it (miss!). But I still felt that it might be a useful tool, warts and all, for those working with BEML to experiment and play with the language.

So I tweaked a few things, cleaned up a few others, added some spit and polish and a few extra features that creeped in towards the end, and now am presenting Unison:

Unison application for BEML editing

You can use the browser-based version, or download and install the AIR app if you want to export images. Some of the features include:

  • Drag and drop design view
  • Layout tree view of BEML
  • Properties panel for assigning attributes
  • Styles panel for modifying colors through color pickers or CSS
  • Snapshots panel to save versions of BEML
  • Code view with code hints and code completion

If you have any issues or find bugs, please let me know (consider it beta, optimistically). If you have ideas or requests for additional features, I’d love to hear them (of course, I already have a list that would keep me busy till next Christmas).

I hope it proves as useful to others and it has for me!

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6 Responses to “Unison for BEML editing”

  1. Hello Todd,
    1st: Thank you very much for this tool. Really.
    2nd: Your post said: “You can use the browser-based version, or download and install the AIR app” Well, I can not find the link to download this AIR app (I have take a look into Adobe Marketplace, too)

  2. On the upper right of the application there is a download button. I tried to make it obvious but indiscreet, but perhaps that was too much of a contradiction :)

  3. Hello Todd,

    Many thanks for that fantastic tool !
    It’s really usefull.

    Our dev team is very happy to use it and create BEML Template quickly !

    Are you already working on that tool ?

    Many Thanks

    Blaise (From France)

  4. Thanks! I’m glad it is proving useful. Right now there are not any plans to iterate on the application, but if you have additional features you’d like to see that would help you be more productive, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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  6. Thank you!

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