AIRHead == 27Bobs BobbleHead

I decided to put AIRHead up on the Adobe AIR Marketplace since probably about 5 people read this blog (thanks, you five! :)) and saw under Adobe’s terms and conditions that including AIR in the app name was a big no-no. Unfortunately, my creativity lasted for just the one title, so after trying some lame attempts to mash “27Bobs” with “bobblehead” (27Bobblehead?) I decided to just go for the obvious and call the offering “27Bobs BobbleHead”. Anyway, here ’tis:

27Bobs BobbleHead

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2 Responses to “AIRHead == 27Bobs BobbleHead”

  1. I found your app because i was searching for air apps for a multimedia class that i’m in. I’m very interested except the window is too big for my screen resolution. My resolution is 1280×800 but the window is too tall and I can’t see the bottom to click add image, or take picture, or do any of the adjustments. The only reason that I know they are there is that I watched your videos. Are there any solutions to this problem?

  2. I gave a presentation and tried to demo this and had the same problem after my screen resolution was reduced. I figured it wouldn’t be a common problem — but you’ve proved my assumption wrong!

    I’ll see what I can do. There are reasons the app was not made resizable originally, and it may be a little too much work to make it so at this point. But I should be able to make more of the application draggable, which will at least allow you to drag it up.

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