As is probably obvious, this site rode off into the sunset well over a year ago. I just came back today to realize that I never put the full stop at the end, so here I am. This site began back in the days before blogs, when portfolio sites were all the rage and Flash sites even more so. I used it as a repository for, first, all the experiments I put together as I was learning Flash, then all the professional work, including my books, that I found myself doing. It was fun, and helpful for me to see a record of what I had produced, and it did help get me a number of jobs.

Now, alas, that era is over. I have been happily working at Brightcove for almost eight years now. I no longer do any consulting or writing on the side. Flash is, sadly, on its way out, and my work now isn’t necessarily stuff that is easy to publish here out of context. The site really does not serve the purpose it once did.

I shall keep it around, as it still is a great way for me to revisit my past, as you might go through that old cardboard box in your storage, and, who knows, perhaps one day I will find some impetus to actively write something on a regular basis and so once again open these doors. But for now, it’s closing time. Full stop.

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